I did it! I survived!!!

Yesterday, I took the Graduate Record Examination… that’s roughly 4.5 hours of standardized testing. And I am so glad to have lived through it!

I’m the first one in my family to take the GRE, so I had no idea what to expect until I registered for my exam two months ago. Turns out the GRE is kind of like the SAT, but for college seniors instead of high school seniors: it tests your skills for the next level of education, uses words you didn’t know existed, and makes you wish you hadn’t had so much soda before you started the test. It was truly a difficult test, but I was ready for it–I was certainly nervous going in, but when I actually started working, I realized I was much more prepared than I had previously thought. Kudos to my last 3.5 years of college work and my last 1.5 months of studying! Now I just have to actually apply to graduate school… wish me luck!

The GRE (as well as many other major exams such as the LSAT, CLEP tests, Praxis exams, etc.) is actually offered through Ball State’s Testing Center in Lucina Hall so it was convenient too.

And what better way to celebrate completing my GRE than by walking down the hall for a relaxing massage in the Counseling Center Resource & Relaxation Room massage chair! It’s free and open to Ball State students–no appointment required!

Massage Chair
This chair is great for helping to relieve stress after a long week–or taking a tough test!